Artist: Susan Frame

I’ve been “playing with ink” ever since I fell in love with the process of sumi-e: the way the ink moves into the paper, and how the brush responds. My goal is to express the subject’s essence and energy/life force. Experimentation is important to me, and “happy accidents” lead to new discoveries.

A simple flower inspires me, as does the northern Minnesota drama of rugged cliffs, cathedral trees and cascading waterfalls. They “speak” to me about the beauty and wonder of life. I turn to nature to replenish my soul, to remind myself of my place in the universe, and to find peace. Using brush and ink I interpret from my heart.

I am a pioneer of vertical calligraphic brushwriting in English, and have been invited to exhibit my calligraphy in Korea and New York in fall 2013.  For this work, first I write a poem, I work on the placement and composition of the words, and finally, I paint.

I exhibit worldwide, with work included in museum and corporate collections. I am a painter, a poet, a published author, and a teacher.